Its the small things that make the difference

A  recent article by Jon Younger of the RBL Group (Dave Ulrich, Wayne Brockbank et al) confirms a belief that I have held for some time.  Younger outlines how many organisations can spend too much focussing on the big things while it is often the small things that make the difference.  Too often, we focus on the large systems – reward, talent management, performance.  However, employees appreciate the small things that show that managers are paying attention.

It does not cost money to say thank you – even a hand written note – or to take a team out for a lunch for no particular reason.  But these small things can have a big impact upon morale, performance and engagement.  Get the small things right and often the big transformation can go smoother.  Ignore the small things – or get them wrong – and it can be harder to bring about the big changes in an organisation.


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