When will the change be over?

Bob Sutton has an interesting post on his blog.  The question raised by an employee of their boss.  The reality is that change will never be over although the pace may change.  Bob takes this further by asking what can a boss do “to help people anticipate, cope with, and flourish in the face of change”.  In my recent newsletter, I outlined how a recent article in Harvard Business Review, Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis (Note 1), discusses how organisations can manage this challenge. They set out three prescriptions:

1. Foster Adaptation

2. Embrace Disequilibrium

3. Generate Leadership

The first step is to realise that change is continuous. Without this step, the others will not follow.

Note 1: Leadership in an (Permanent) Crisis, Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Marty Linsky, Harvard Business Review, July – August 2009

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