Empathy – walking in the other person’s shoes

Many problems can be solved but, somehow, they are not. Why is that we can look back at a situation and find a solution that we could not at the time?  Seth Godin believes that it is our failure to look through at world through someone else’s eyes – to empathise – that is a large cause of leadership ineffectiveness.

As soon as we begin to look at the problem from the other person’s perspective – and not through the lens of our prejudices, experiences and perceptions – quite often the problem takes on a different dimension.  And therein lies the beginning of a solution.  Seth states that “the reason might have nothing to do with the situation and everything to do with who is making the decision and what they bring to it”.

The next time you are confused by someone’s behaviours or actions (or inactions), consider the situation through their eyes before judging the reason.

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